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I need a new code for my back round.
It’s making me mad.
It doesn’t fit the whole page, ect..ect..

Anyway, what’s new? Um…
Nothing, really.
My boyfriend bought a sword.
We go into an argument over it. Which sucks.
I just wanted him to start saving his money more. Since he has gotten a job now.
Plus, we are planning on going to Disney, and he will need the extra money.
Jesus, a water there is like…five bucks.
It’s like giving an arm and a leg.

I got a debit card now.
With my picture on it and everything, oh boy!
I hate the fees the ATM charges you.
Fucking four dollars at the Seminole mall’s ATM.

Went to warped tour the other day.
Won a free t-shirt, saw mother fucking Thursday, you know.
I really hated warped tour.
Well, it was okay.
I hate how they have eighteen million stages.
Why not one?
What happened to that?
I must not be with the trend.
It rained as well. For two hours. Possibly more, not sure.

Click was a pretty sad movie.
But it brought back the Cranberries.
Helllaaa yeah.

K, bye.
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HIM with Aiden.

Me and shaggy got out of school at 1:45, and then we went to pick up Lauren. And she tells me her quote is in the Killing loneliness video. HOW AMAZING IS THAT!? It was o-mega cool. Anyway, we went home, then we went to Orlando. Traffic was amazing. None what so ever. So, we get there, and the line is already started for HIM. We were so mad, but we went inside to eat anyway. After we ate, we went in the line. Thank god for the pass the line shit, or we would have been so far back. We waited....and waited...until the doors finally opened. Oh to be in the air conditioning. So we were in the third row back. Not too bad. I went and bought a shirt (thirty dollars!?,) a key chain for ten bucks, and I got a free shot glass from the guy who was selling the HIM stuff. And I got free matches with the heartagram on it. SO COOL! So then, as everyone came in, we got closer and closer to the barricade. Finally, as Aiden came on, I was at the barricade, with Lauren and Shaggy behind me. I could physically hold the barricade, so it was the BEST spot ever. For Lauren and Shaggy too because when everyone pushed forward, they moved up more and I held on the barricade. And we could see so perfectly. I touched the guy from Aiden. I smeared his make up a little bit because I mauled his face. I never heard Aidens music before, but they are okay, I guess. The lead singer is hot. I tried to take his HIM pin off of his jacket, but he moved away to quickly. So then, we made some friends, and got some free water, and then...HIM CAME ON MOTHA FUCKA! THEY WERE SOOOOO GOOOD! Oh yes. And Lauren started the trend of throwing bras onto the stage. I threw mine, and it hit Ville Valo's crotch! OH GOD...They were so good live, and I got some great pictures. We were right in the front too, so we could see, and hear, perfectly! It was soooo much fun.

Me and Randi are going to go see Skindred, too. WOO HOO!

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    HIM-Wicked game.

Coheed and Cambria. Plus Avenge sevenfold.

It was me, Michael, Corey, Asya, Tommy, and Annalaura. When we got there, we saw this huge line. We were like shit! But thankfully, Annalaura knew some kid and he let us in front of him. Gracias. So we got in, and immediately went down to the floor. I think we waited for an hour in a half.

Some guy threw Coheed picks. I got two. Then, the show started and Michael creamed himself, I’m sure. Me and Michael were separated like, not even half way through the second song. He went left, and I went right. I didn’t see him till’ after the Coheed concert. When I was being pushed, some kid pulled my pants almost all the way down. Fucker. Then, I got hit in the throat and some guy was like “HA HA.” MOTHER FUCKER!! Then, someone hit me in the back. Yay. I saw Michael crowd serf, and I wanted to do it so I could find him. But when I asked, everyone was like, Um, no. WHAT THE FUCK! So, I got out of the are where I was being pushed, and somehow I found Tommy, Asya, Corey, and Annalaura. No Michael. Well, I heard welcome home, so it was all good. I like freaked out during that song, and some girl was being a moron. She like put her arm out so I wouldn’t touch her. Fuck off, bitch. Claudio (whatever) sang into his guitar and it made the coolest sound ever! It was sooooo cool. So then, I went upstairs, found Tommy (again,) and then…found Michael. He was so sweaty, and gross. But I didn’t care. I was so happy to see him. It was like one of those movie moments you pay to see. To finally find him after being smooshed in a crowd was the greatest feeling in the world. He was so cute and…well sweaty. I gave him kisses, and we went to buy t-shirts. =) I loooveeeee him.

Then, Avenge sevenfold. I don’t even know if I spelt that right. Oh well. They were the best, even though I don’t really like them. They worked the crowed better then Coheed. But Claudio has to play guitar and sing, so I guess that’s why he doesn’t run around the stage. But yeah, they played some good shit. Lead singer is hot, and he has a grill. How cool is that. They are so cheesy though. They had this huge bat fly up, and it looked so cheap. But it was cool. They had such cool intro songs. Like the ants go marching in and these are a few of my favorite thing. IT WAS SO COOOOOOOOL. Even though I don’t really like them! O-mega cool show, they were amazing.

Some guy gave us drum heads. Don’t know why. I gave him a dollar for it. Weird eh?

We went outside to go to Julie, but she wasn’t there yet. So, we all sat down, and some weird guy used Annalauras phone. He was drunk, we think. Then, Julie came and got us, and we went home.

My ears are ringing this morning. Sucks, and I am a bit worried about it. I took Tylenol. Hopefully that works.

My mom didn’t make me go to church either. She said it was okay this year due to the fact that I was a t a concert last night. I feel bad for not going, but mother said it was okay.

My parents are so amazing. They got me a hello kitty Easter basket. IT’S SO COOL! It has buttons, and pens, and a hello kitty plush! EEEE!! They got Michael a bat man one. Ha, it’s pretty cool. I’m sure he will like it. He’s so cute….=)))

Well, happy Easter. Much love.
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For some reason, after talking to my boyfriend, I got into a really depressed state. Is that weird? We didn’t argue, although he had to go and I really wanted to talk to him. I don’t know. Bleh. Maybe I am de-hydrated! Yeah, maybe I will drink some water. Or, or maybe….I’ll take a shower! WOO, CLEAN KATY.

Wait. Why the fuck did I post that? GARRR.
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Spring break time.

Never give little kids crackers.
It will lead into an intense amount of vacuuming.
No one likes to vacuum.
If you do, well,
fuck off.

My baby is in Texas.
He said that he has donkeys in his yard.
Is it just me?
I miss him so, so much!
Come baccccccckkk!!
I miss you,
fuzzy wuzzy head.

What’s new you ask?
Except, I lost it.
Think about it.
Oh. It was SO AMAZNIG.
Five times in one day as well.
Whoa Nelly.

Work time.
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Not much to talk about.

My cat KC recently went to the vet. Her jaw was swollen one morning, and she was drooling. I was so scared. I didn’t want anything bad to happen to her. The vet said it was an abstract tooth, or something bit her. We don’t know. We had to give her medicine, and it was a hassle. She was scratching me, but it was kind of funny to watch. She is all better now. Yay!

Yesterday, I had the worst stomach ache when I came home. So, I rushed to the potty, and I was in there for a good 10 minutes. So, I had to urge again. My toilet has been running lately(like the water is running after you flush it. Not running onto the floor.) I went to pull this thing that makes it stop running, and this screw thing flew off. I was like "SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT." So I called my mom and she told me to turn off the water. I did, and ran to my mom and dads potty. It sucked, but its a funny story to tell my kids one day.

Me and Michael are doing well. I'm in love with him, ya know? Hopefully, he will order new fucking promise rings since he LOST THE FUCKING OTHER ONE. I was so pissed. How could you loose something so valuable to our relationship? He better order another one. Or, no sex for him. Muhaha.

We might go see Coheed and Cambria. How cool is that? I don’t really like them that much. I’m still going to go and have a jolly old time. WTF? Jolly. Haha.


My Birth control is not working for me. I can not get a hold of anyone to talk to, and I have to wait three weeks to see an actually gynecologist. I can not stand it anymore. GO AWAY BROWN SHIT! Pleassseeeeee! I want sex, and I can not have it. I'm so stressed out over it. It fucking sucks. =( Anyone had the same problem as me? Maybe I can get some answers.

I got to go get ready for work.
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What the fuck.

For some reason, my backround isn't showing up anymore. Maybe it's just MSN. Gay. Gay.

Oh, yes. Valentintes day was amazing. Michael bought me a HUGE, and when I say huge, I mean it to the fullest extent, bear. IT'S SO CUTE!
Yay, love!
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Thanks to Lauren, I have been on a Muse fix for the past week. I thank Lauren for this because Muse is amazing. Yay, Muse!!! La la laaaa...
*Yay, FX tomorrowww!! <33
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I really haven’t been on the computer for a long time. I haven’t updated my journal in a while. Which I should. It helps to pass time.

Okay, so. What’s new.

I have mother fucking Russian as a class now. Russian is really hard. Especially since Mr. K makes us right every single world in cursive. Apparently, all Russians write in cursive. Those poor people. Literally.
I still don’t understand why they would give me English two when I had just taken it, and passed both terms with an A, last semester. Glitch maybe? No. Pine Ridge is just dumb. They forgot to give all of the students our report cards first block, so they made us go to mentoring one day. Oh. And the cat. A cat, a really cute, fat cat, ran up one of the schools palm trees, and it has been there for two days now. GET FUCKING ANIMAL CONTROL OR THE FIRE DEPARTMENT, AND GET THE LITTLE SHIT DOWN! WHY LEAVE IT THERE TO FREEZE AND STARVE WHILE EVERY STUDENT AT PINE RIDGE GLARES AT IT? I guess if it got up there, it must have had some way of getting itself down. I hope it did. If it is still there Monday, I will kick me some ass.
Other than that, my grades are pretty good.
I’m joining flag football as well. How amazing is that? I think it’s amazing. The only thing is that Randi can’t join due to her grade point average from last semester. Gay. Pure shit.

Not as many hours, but I’m just happy to be still working there. I love my job.

Oh boy. Okay. So, I want to have intercourse with him. Yeah, gross, I know. J Anyways, I want him and me to get tested before we do anything over the edge, ya know? Well, I had the chance to get it done, but he couldn’t since he doesn’t have a fucking I.D. So, in two weeks I will be on Birth control and I will know my results. But, my mom found out, and it was a fiasco. I was crying, my eyes hurt, I felt horrible. You know the ordeal. My mom thinks I am too young, but I have actually sat down and said to myself…what are you going to do if this happens and so forth. I know a lot about STD’s and I’m a safety gal. So baby, lets condom it up. But, I mean. Being smart in one subject isn’t all you need. You need to feel responsible and you shouldn’t let anyone pressure you into doing something you don’t want to, right? Well, I feel like I am. Maybe it was my past relationships, or shit. I don’t know. I honestly feel like I am capable of taking the next step in my relationship. I guess I feel sort of grown up…And then I think at times that I am putting to much thought into this whole thing. It’s just sex, but sex is a big, big step. My mom says, well after you have sex, what will you have left to do in life? I say, the choices are endless. Sex isn’t everything in a relationship. There is a huge world out there, and I intend on seeing as much of it as I can. With my handy dandy three hundred mother fucking amazing camera my parents bought me. I needed it for a class anyways, so, woo hoo! But the point is, that I got into a huge fight with my parents about this. I really don’t want to put in all of the little, annoying details.

I guess that’s all I’ve got to say. I’m o-mega tired. Peaceeee…
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